“I was diagnosed with an orbital mass. I was put on medication for 6 weeks and the mass severely shrunk. Although the medicine shrunk the mass, I was left with constant headaches, dizziness, and lightheadedness. Those issues grew intense with physical activity. Upon speaking to Renee about my diagnosis and the lingering issues, she agreed to treat me. After researching my diagnosis, Renee developed a treatment plan to help me with my lingering issues. I can truly say that I felt better and better each week during the treatment. It has been approximately 2 months since my last session and I am still feeling symptom free, no matter how much physical activity I do. I’ve learned first hand that Renee is good at what she does and takes the time to develop the right treatment plan for each individual. Thank you again, Renee”

Carolyn L.

“I first came to Renee for left shoulder pain and numbness going down my arm. I was in much pain and had seen a doctor who told me I needed surgery. I sought out another form of treatment. Renee has done a tremendous job working on me, and now I have no numbness going down my arm. Recently, I had an accident with my knee. It became swollen and I immediately asked Renee what she could do for me. After her treatment, my knee felt much better and to this day I don’t have any pain.”

Wynette B.

“I have been a patient of Renee’s for six years. Prior to my first treatment, I had a torn labrum in my shoulder and limited range of motion in my neck. I was in constant neck and shoulder pain. I was living in the midwest and had seen an orthopedic doctor and chiropractors. They did not give me the relief that I wanted and I was in chronic pain. In my years as a patient, Renee has treated me for several other issues, such as lower back pain, allergies, digestion, and stress.

Throughout my journey, I have learned the power of treatments from Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have had acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, and Tuina during my treatments. Each treatment is matched to my symptoms on that given day. Renee treats the “whole” patient.

I never would have dreamed that I have my range of motion back in my neck and shoulders and am not in chronic pain. If Renee were rated on 5 stars, I would give her 10 stars. I have referred several friends and they drive from Phoenix for treatments. They feel the same way.”

Theresa R.

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